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PCOS Mastery: Heal Your PCOS Naturally (2023)

Welcome to the PCOS Mastery: Heal Your PCOS Naturally 12-week intensive online program!
This program is truly one of a kind, built FOR and BY someone diagnosed with PCOS and understands the struggle of finding support, answers, and solutions.
  • Has either been diagnosed with PCOS or thinks you may have PCOS
  • Has a doctor who only wants to throw you on birth control or medications without doing any in-depth workup 
  • Has irregular periods, PMS symptoms, acne, hirsutism (body and facial hair growth), hair loss, troubles losing weight, fatigue, bloating, anxiety/depression, food/sugar cravings, or troubles getting or staying pregnant
  • Wants to come off of hormonal birth control and balance your hormones and PCOS naturally
  • Doesn’t know where to start with diet and exercise, or currently doing these things, but not seeing results 
  • Wants to understand your body better and feel more confident in your skin
    ** There is no minimum age for this program as long as you have gone through puberty, however we require your time and dedication each week to implement the changes needed to heal. **
  • What is PCOS, the different PCOS types, and proper diagnosis 
  • PCOS symptoms and hormones to test 
  • How to address root causes of PCOS without medication or birth control 
  • What a normal menstrual cycle looks like, cycle tracking, and cycle syncing 
  • How PCOS affects your fertility and how to optimize it 
  • Diet, exercise, lifestyle, and supplement support for your PCOS type 
  • How to regulate cycles, improve symptoms, and improve metabolism 



  • New weekly modules dropped every Monday 
  • Educational videos and handouts on each PCOS topic 
  • Dietary, lifestyle, supplement, and lab testing support 
  • Weekly “homework” to implement changes 
  • Live check-in’s every other Monday at 8 PM EST (5 PM PST) and weekly Q&As in our community group for support 
  • Self assessments before and after program 
  • Access to discounted hormone testing and supplements to address your own PCOS type (optional)
  • Add-on 1:1 consults with Dr. Kelly to review any new or previous bloodwork (optional) 

There are limited seats available for enrollment. First come, first serve. You will get immediate access to the course upon enrollment. All sales are final, no refunds.